San Diego

A male baby about 4 days old was found abandoned Monday morning by a security guard on the doorsteps of a Mission Bay medical center, San Diego police said.

The unidentified infant was reported in good condition at Hillcrest Receiving Home.

Security officer Melody Albro arrived at the Kaiser Permanente Mission Bay Medical Offices about 6:20 a.m. and found the baby sleeping and covered with blankets inside a cardboard box.

The baby was taken to Mission Bay Hospital, which is across the street, police said.

"He was brought over here to the emergency room," hospital spokeswoman Jennifer Velez said. "He was healthy and he was normal."

The child was later taken to Sharp Memorial Hospital, then to the Hillcrest home, hospital officials said.

Police were checking records of hospital pediatric wards to determine whether any babies matching the infant's description were born in the past few days.

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