Reagan's Speech on Iran-Contra Issue

In the newspapers daily we see articles and quotes from political analysts, current and previous office holders and columnists, talking about what President Reagan will have to do or say to regain credibility. They refer to this as his biggest challenge, that he'll have to "take charge" or come away with an arms control agreement (even a watered-down one). These utterances sound much like sports writers' lingo when writing about a coach having to win the big game Saturday to save his job.

Is the electorate really this gullible? Now that he has been revealed as a fake, do they think with one quick action we'll forget about (a) his 1981 tax break for the rich, (b) his monstrous deficts as a result of the tax breaks, (c) the escalation of the arms race, (d) the appointment to Cabinet and staff positions those people of very questionable ethics and finally (e) the massacre of 241 U.S. Marines, blown up by the terrorists we sold weapons to?



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