'Dismay Deep in Reagan Country'

Josh Getlin's article, "Chorus of Dismay Rings Out Deep in Heart of Reagan Country" (March 1), showed faint heart and lack of understanding of the pragmatic policy pursued in Iran, by most of those he interviewed.

The detractors were probably the same ones that condemned Reagan when the sons and sisters of the hostages pleaded, nightly on the news for their release. But when he tried to gain their release, they were again quick to condemn him, even if slow to comprehend the intricacies of the dealings. But they themselves are not faultless in the rise of terrorism.

Terrorism became a way of war with the advent of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries that finances their organizing, training and arming with the monies they garner from the West for their oil.

Why are we still buying such great quantities of it from them? It is the biggest item in our deficit balance of trade. It is what makes us a debtor nation. And it is what leaves us vulnerable to their caprice. They can bring us almost to a standstill by cutting off our supply.

But the detractors continue to resist our own production of oil for ambiguous reasons. They live on this beautiful coast and don't want their view disturbed by an oil rig.

If we cut down the money supply to terrorist supporters by increasing our own production of oil, we could probably cut down terrorist acts and the need to deal with Iran.


Newport Beach

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