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"Wheel of Fortune" letter-turner Vanna White has dropped her attempt to keep Playboy from publishing semi-nude photos of her in May, but will pursue a suit accusing the magazine of damaging her reputation. White said Tuesday that she decided keeping her lingerie-clad photos under wraps would hurt her more than if they're seen, since they're not as revealing as Playboy led the public to believe. "People will think, 'My God, what was she doing in those pictures?' " said White's attorney, Marc Graboff. "If they don't run, people will always think how bad they could have been. She decided it's better to let people see they are what they are." White sued Playboy and photographer David Gurion last month in Superior Court, accusing Gurion of selling to the magazine without her permission pictures he took of her posing in lingerie in 1982.

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