Raiders Reportedly Are Trying to Find Team to Take Wilson Off Their Hands

If it's time for the Raider quarterback camp, it's time for the Marc Wilson trade talk.

A year ago, he barely arrived in El Segundo from his Seattle home when the Philadelphia Eagles let it out that they were talking to the Raiders about a trade. That one fell through on draft day.

This year, with Rusty Hilger apparently slated for the No. 1 job, there are again reports that the Raiders will trade Wilson. A team source says that despite Wilson's guaranteed $1 million contract, there may be a taker.

An NFL general manager says that the Raiders are also talking as if they may go after the Eagles' recently-waived Ron Jaworski. Jaworski, 36, could probably be signed for less than Wilson or Jim Plunkett are making, and has already indicated his interest in a letter to the Raiders.

Plunkett, of course, is 39, has just undergone surgery, if minor arthrocopic surgery, on his right rotator cuff, and stayed out of the physical workouts in the quarterback camp.

A source says the taker for Wilson might be the Green Bay Packers, with the Raiders agreeing to pay $400,000 of Wilson's contract.

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