Jimmy Stewart Relay Marathon Will Be Held This Morning in Griffith Park

The sixth annual Jimmy Stewart Relay Marathon, featuring five-person teams, will be held today at 8 a.m. in Griffith Park. The event benefits the child study center at St. John’s Hospital and Health Center in Santa Monica.

Elite runners on teams representing 10 U.S. cities will join approximately 5,000 other runners in the 26-mile race (each runner runs 5.2 miles). The city competition will include teams from San Francisco, Dallas, Denver, Chicago, New Orleans, Atlanta, New York, Boston, Tampa, Fla., and Spokane, Wash. San Francisco is the defending champion.

Other teams will be divided into 20 categories, including entertainment industry, physicians, restaurant business, law, college students, real estate, insurance, media personnel, mended heart (people who have had heart surgery) and senior citizens.

A short celebrity race will be held at 9:30 a.m.

Stewart and Robert Wagner are the co-hosts of the event, which is expected to attract 20,000 spectators.