Long Beach : 2 New Flights to Begin Soon

Two new airline flights, the first to be allowed at the court-controlled Long Beach Airport since 1983, will begin Friday or Monday, an Air California spokesman said this week.

The AirCal flights to Chicago and San Jose will increase to 20 the number of round-trip operations at the municipal airport. America West will add two more to Phoenix on June 1 and Delta will begin two flights to Dallas on July 1, the airlines said.

Total flights will reach 26 when TWA begins on a yet-unannounced date two new flights it also has been awarded by U.S. District Court Judge Laughlin E. Waters in a four-year-old airlines’ lawsuit.

City lawyers, meanwhile, have asked the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to block its own recent decision that allows the new flights until the U.S. Supreme Court decides whether it will review the case. Both the 9th Circuit and the Supreme Court review seem to be long shots, city attorneys say.


In a conference Monday, Waters set Nov. 10 to begin trial to decide the validity of the city’s airport noise ordinance. The noise ordinance would allow more flights only if aircraft noise is kept within state-sanctioned levels in adjacent residential neighborhoods. The airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration have pushed for at least 41 flights.