Sam Corwin, Writer's Kin, Dies

Sam Corwin, one of the oldest men in America and an immigrant with a limited education who inspired his son, Norman, to become one of the best-known writers and narrators to come out of radio, died Wednesday in a nursing home in Winthrop, Mass. He was 110.

The relationship between the Corwins, subject of a story in The Times last March, had evolved into a 60-year telephone relationship in which the father, an inveterate reader, and son, a prolific writer, spoke at least once a week.

Sam Corwin was born in London and moved to Boston as a boy. He became a printer and used a hand plate process unchanged in hundreds of years to print greeting cards.

Norman Corwin said it was through his father's enchantment with the printed word that he was able to become a writer of acclaimed radio documentaries and screen plays.

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