I'm quite disappointed with your paper's distortion of my experiences on Robert Redford's "Milagro Beanfield War" (Outtakes, by Pat H. Broeske, May 31).

I personally informed Broeske of Redford's inaccurate portrayals of Latino culture. I told of my protest to Redford's use of stereotypes, negative images, total lack of positive images, and his failure to use Chicanos in the leads and to hire Chicanos for the production crew.

I discussed my objections directly with Redford for a period of three days, for a total of about seven hours. He layed me off because he didn't want Latinos (specifically Mexican-Americans) directly involved in this production.

How all of the above got turned into an article of a confrontation between two Chicanos is a mystery to me.

LEO GUERRA, president

The Film and Television

Minorities Committee

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