Police Copters in Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa Mayor Donn Hall thinks that "there finally might be some relief for residents" near the Pacific Amphitheatre (May 28). (Judge Gary L. Taylor had issued an order for the amphitheater to reduce concert noise.)

A sad and ironic shame it is that Mayor Hall is so exuberant for one area of his city affected by adverse noise for about 40 nights a year. Perhaps he could apply the judge's standards to one of the City Council's pet prestige symbols, the Costa Mesa police helicopters.

The helicopter crisscrosses the city for 12 to 15 or more hours a day, subjecting every resident to a penetrating roar. It also flies well past the hour concerts at the Pacific Amphitheatre are over, disturbing sleep and interrupting residents' "comfortable enjoyment of life," 365 days a year.

Most insidious is its purpose: to fly above the city as an unsilent observer. We are under suspicion until the helicopter determines our actions and our intent. This is far more intrusive and a much greater danger to our privacy as free citizens than noise from any concert.

While Hall and others continue their battle with the Pacific Amphitheatre, nearby residents can at least rest assured that a concert is not going to come crashing down from the sky.


Costa Mesa

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