It's Wonderful That Something So Meaningless Means So Very Much

I'm tired of feeling sorry for the underdog. I had plenty of that as a Laker fan in the '60s. Now, dammit, I've got a winner. So let me enjoy it.

Scott Ostler stated (June 12) that "now it's just a matter of survival," that the Lakers have lost a place in history as a great team because they did not beat the Celtics in four or five games. So, now that I've got a winner, I shouldn't celebrate because they could have won better? Should my heart go out to the Celtics because they lost better than the Lakers won?

Wrong. The Lakers wear the rings. They beat the Celtics, the defending champions, the team with the second-best record in the league, six out of eight times this season. That hardly rates as my definition of a team "barely facing survival."

Excuse me, pass the champagne.


Mission Viejo

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