AND NOW HERE'S THE NEWS: Even though...

AND NOW HERE'S THE NEWS: Even though he's 60 and has already been inducted as a charter member of the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame, Chuck Berry is still waiting for his long-overdue star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (Meanwhile, Eddie Murphy and Tom Cruise, who are barely 50 combined, got ones earlier this year.) Maybe some towns are just more more progressive than others. For example, the Dallas branch of the Hard Rock Cafe recently inducted the legendary rock guitarist into its own Walk of Fame. The ceremony, which featured an in-person appearance by Berry, also included the dedication of a stained-glass window likeness of Berry. . . . The Rock City Angels, big local-scene faves now signed to Geffen Records, have undergone a name change. You can now call 'em the Delta Rebels. The Rock City moniker was too close to several names already in use. The group should have its debut album out early next year (and let's hope it includes the future glam-classic, "Teenage Lipstick Boys"). . . . Is it time to put the pop world's oldest warhorse--the record album--on the endangered species list? Rhino Records thinks so. The adventuresome label has launched a "Save the LP" campaign, offering discounts to record stores around the country on all Rhino albums. Plus, during the month of July, Rhino will donate a portion of proceeds from each record sold to Rhino Rescue USA. The nonprofit organization, which is dedicated to preserving the endangered wild rhinoceros, has been active in lobbying for anti-poaching measures and establishing rhino sanctuaries. . . . And speaking of Rhino: While Warners Bros. has its own "La Bamba" sound track due out at the end of the month, Rhino has horned in on the action by re-releasing a trio of original Ritchie Valens collections (nothing like a little friendly competition, right?). The Rhino releases include "In Concert at Pacoima Jr. High," a live album recorded just months before Valens' death in 1959.

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