L.A. Officials' Pay Boosted

Members of the Los Angeles City Council gave themselves a routine 5% pay raise Tuesday, while also approving 5% raises for the mayor, city attorney and city controller.

Under a ballot measure that became city law in 1974, salary increases for elected city officials are limited to 5% annually.

The increase, effective July 1, will make Mayor Tom Bradley's annual pay $93,216, City Atty. James K. Hahn's $79,233, and City Controller Rick Tuttle's $55,929. Salaries for council members also will be $55,929.

In voting 14 to 0 with one member absent, the council adopted the recommendation of the Officials Salaries Authority, a commission appointed to review city salaries. Although the City Charter now restricts the pay raises, the committee urged a one-time adjustment to bring real salaries closer to 1974 dollar levels.

Since then, real salaries have dropped 24% for the elected officials because annual inflation has exceeded 5% in most years. If council salaries had kept pace with inflation since 1974, council members would have annual incomes of $76,750, the report stated. A one-time salary boost would require a ballot measure.

The council's action Tuesday also covered another 5% hike commencing July 1, 1988.

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