Observations on the Iran-Contra Congressional Hearings


After watching the hearings, I came to the inescapable conclusion that the dangers we face externally (communism, terrorism, etc.) are paled by the enormous dangers we face within our own government. The incontestable truth is that a coterie of ostensibly unelected, patriotic members of our government withheld information from our President, destroyed sensitive documents, gave misleading information and by deceit and deception bypassed the Congress, Department of Justice, the Pentagon and the State Department. They held themselves accountable to no one but themselves. They set up their own foreign policy initiative and by doing this set themselves up to be bigger than the laws they have sworn to uphold. As a result, they have embarrassed the President (to whom they had sworn loyalty) and contributed to the declining prestige of the U.S. in this trouble world. These are heroes?


Laguna Hills