Ezell on Death Squads

Ezell's remarks about possible death squad activity in Los Angeles are a tour de force of callous arrogance. Ezell dismisses death threats against individuals and the kidnaping and rape of a Salvadoran woman as a bid for publicity by the sanctuary movement. He belittles the rape victim's trauma with the comment " . . . that happens all over the state . . . " then goes on to impugn the character of Father Olivares.

Ezell's remarks would be merely insensitive if made by a private citizen. They are chilling when made by an INS official whose responsibility it is to seek fair solutions to the complex human problems of immigration. Even when the horrifying tactics of death squads surface in our very city, Ezell and the INS continue to adhere to the myth that economics, not terror, has driven a half million Salvadorans from El Salvador.

Ezell not only stubbornly refuses to acknowledge the truth, he then has the astonishing gall to publicly attack the integrity of sanctuary activists and Central Americans who have been threatened or abused.

Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley, the FBI and the Los Angeles Police Department all take seriously the possibility of death squad activity in Los Angeles. Ezell would do well to follow the lead of these law enforcement officials and civic leaders.


Beverly Hills

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