South Laguna Annexation Set for Dec. 31

The Laguna Beach City Council on Tuesday unanimously adopted a resolution ordering the South Laguna annexation to become effective Dec. 31.

After determining last month that written protests to the annexation included less than 25% of registered voters and less than 25% of landowners, the City Council asked the city staff to prepare the resolution.

Approved on July 8

The annexation was approved by the county Local Agency Formation Commission on July 8.

The City Council agreed make the annexation effective Dec. 31, on the recommendation of City Manager Kenneth Frank.

In his written report to the council, Frank said county officials have agreed to continue providing fire and paramedic services in South Laguna until June 30, 1988, when Laguna Beach will begin collecting property taxes from the South Laguna area.

The City Council initiated annexation plans for South Laguna on April 7 at the request of South Laguna residents.

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