The Region

A native of Nigeria was shot to death while fighting with Los Angeles police officers just a few hours after he was released from jail. Police Lt. William Hall said Joseph Anunwah, 26, was arrested July 14 after an altercation with his girlfriend, and went to her home in the 1700 block of West 64th Street after his release Monday. Fearing that he might harm her, Hall said, the woman telephoned for help and officers Michael Daly, 29, and Michael Barling, 25, found Anunwah at the back door of the house. He struggled with the officers, Hall said, striking both of them several times and biting Daly's thumb to the bone. When he tried to sieze Barling's service revolver, Hall said, Daly drew his pistol and fired three times. Anunwah was taken to Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital, where he died.

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