Martin May Take the 5th, Pilot Yankees Again

Billy Martin may become manager of the New York Yankees for the fifth time, according to a report published Saturday.

The New York Daily News, quoting unidentified sources, said that owner George Steinbrenner is considering firing Lou Piniella, who has managed the Yankees for the last two seasons and has one year remaining on his contract, and favors Martin as the replacement.

"That's true, but Billy would be brought back only until Bucky Dent is ready to take over," said a source familiar with the situation.

Dent, a former Yankee infielder, managed the club's International League affiliate in Columbus, Ohio, this year. The source said Steinbrenner wants Dent to get more experience before taking over the Yankees.

Piniella met with Steinbrenner Thursday to discuss the job, the News said. Piniella confirmed the meeting but declined comment when asked if he was being replaced.

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