Burglar Makes Clean Sweep of Odd Curtain Call

Associated Press

A neatly executed burglary in which the culprit made a clean getaway had police baffled Wednesday.

No leads were reported in the case of a burglar who entered a Gilroy residence, hung new curtains after taking the victim’s own set, went on a cleaning rampage and left a strange note.

The burglar made the bed, dumped the trash, did the dishes, stacked newspapers, put away the ironing board and put dirty clothes in a hamper.


“We have our suspicions, but nothing that indicates an arrest is imminent,” said Gilroy Police Cmdr. Vern Gardner between chuckles. “We’ve had no more incidents of excessive cleaning.”

The unidentified victim told police that nothing was stolen in last week’s burglary except his old drapes. But a five-page note, written with a purple felt pen, read:

“Dear Sir, I hope you don’t mind. I cleaned your house. Don’t worry. I won’t take anything because my father is a duke in Spain. Don’t worry. I’ll clean your house for as long as you live here.” It was signed, “Prince Eddie.”

The bewildered victim told police that he could not explain it and did not think it was a practical joke.