Irvine's Concern for the Homeless

We were shocked and disturbed to see that the funding of Irvine's homeless project is being held up because of a campaign of complaints, most of which were distorted, that went to Rep. Robert E. Badham (R-Newport Beach).

The main point is that the funds granted by the Department of Housing and Urban Development will be used in the most feasible and cost-effective way to provide housing for the homeless of Irvine.

It is untrue that the grant was approved quickly without comment from city residents. At least two City Council meetings considered the issue.

Yes, of course, as Badham says, "it's a lot nicer to live in an apartment than a dog shelter." But there will be funds for neither, should this grant be blocked. Moreover, the Irvine Temporary Housing's program of putting homeless families into five apartments is quite obviously incapable of servicing a significant number of homeless people. A larger program must be installed. The apartments are far too expensive to be extended to many at once.

There has been an active group of concerned citizens working to find a way to house homeless Irvine people since January. Their efforts should be supported, and, most of all, something must be done quickly to alleviate the plight of the homeless people around us.




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