Irvine's Concern for the Homeless

Between the pious Times editorial (Oct. 25) and the petulant remarks by Councilman Ray Catalano (Oct. 23) in an article concerning the assistance rendered by Rep. Robert E. Badham in the Irvine Animal Shelter homeless controversy, I feel compelled to respond.

Indeed, Badham had every right to interject himself into the issue as a guardian of the public's tax monies. His reason for doing so was his rightful concern about the many inconsistencies in the language of the federal assistance grant application filed by Irvine for almost half a million dollars.

As for the intellectually arrogant Councilman Catalano, who should know better as a UC Irvine social science professor, he seems to have forgotten one of the very basic tenets of our democracy--the right of the little man to be heard. How faith-renewing and refreshing to find that someone in Washington hears and cares enough about the legitimate concerns of his constituents to intervene on their behalf.



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