Special Delivery

It took $2,000, considerable creative time and lots of panache. The result: Actor Larry Gilman's latest "resume"--which adorns a milk carton and asks, "Have You Seen This Actor? (Lately)."

Seems Gilman (who works as manager of Yanks Restaurant in Bev Hills and has directed some L.A. theater) hasn't acted for a year--since a stint on "Hill Street Blues."

"I feel like I'm missing from my own career," said Gilman, 37, who began his acting career (which has included a turn on Broadway in "The Ritz") in 1974.

Tired of waiting for phone calls that never come, he got the idea to have 1,000 cartons made. (Actually, there's bubble gum and Tootsie-Rolls inside.) He did the design and wrote the copy. He's delivering some of them himself--especially to exec offices, "where it's pretty easy to get in, when you enter with a milk carton and say, 'I'm here to make a delivery.' "

He'd only been making deliveries for a couple of days when we caught up with him--so there'd been no job offers. Yet.

But he'd gotten lots of response.

One company called his agent and asked that he come to retrieve the cartons, "which they thought were in bad taste" for parodying missing-kids' campaigns. Then there was the casting director who called to say that there weren't enough Tootsie-Rolls inside!

With a smile, Gilman added, "But one woman from NBC called to say, 'Keep going strong, honey.' "

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