Atlantic City Tourney Moved After Request for Daily Site Fee

Associated Press

The Atlantic City tournament, part of the LPGA tour, will move to the Sands Country Club next year because the previous club requested a daily site fee, organizers said.

The tournament, held the first two years at Marriott's Seaview Golf Resort in Galloway Township, will be held at the Sands for the next three years and possibly longer, said tournament spokesman Bill Elliott.

"The Sands literally gave us a less expensive offer, and since we are a charity event, the less expenses, the more opportunity to raise charitable funds," he said.

Dick Fetter, general manager of Marriott's Seaview Golf Resort in Galloway Township, said the tournament was "great for the area," but the Seaview lost income for the five days the tournament took over the course.

"We felt it was necessary to request some recompense," Fetter said. "The decision was made in tandem with local management and the Marriott corporation."

Elliott said the Sands facilities, part of the Sands Casino Hotel complex in Atlantic City, are equivalent to Seaview's for the $225,000 purse tournament, which will be held from Aug. 15-21 next year.

"The LPGA staff walked the course and found it to be excellent. And certainly it's still in an area where we can attract a large number of spectators," he said.

A Residence Inn hotel, offering suites for extended stays, is located across the street from the Sands Country Club, Elliott said.

"I don't want to be comparing the two hotels, but we won't be giving up anything in terms of conveniences," he said. "The Seaview looked like the White House and was certainly a prestigious address, but in terms of the golf courses, both are excellent."

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