This Kind of Advice Is Easy to Ignore

Scott Ostler really is offensive. His article on a woman as an NFL broadcaster was puerile, infantile and paternalistic, which is consistent with his general writings. Fortunately, this letter largely was written using his own words. Let me illustrate.

He says "I've watched thousands of games on TV, and halfway paid attention to dozens of them." This is consistent with his "style" which is half . . . at best. In the same article, as part of his advice, he says, "Ignore everyone, including me." You can guess which part of his advice has me in agreement.

It was offensive to me, and I suspect to others, who are mostly convinced and largely concur with the arguments made by the women's movement for the last umpteen years. Ironically, I wholeheartedly concur with the essence of his column, which I took to be a woman in the broadcast booth should not be a cause for national news. It's the way things should be.


Santa Monica

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