Spirit That Once Made Raiders Intimidating Gone With the Judge

The "Raider coaches and players (who) bristled," according to Mark Heisler, when Lester Hayes called Cleveland's Webster Slaughter a sissy, should be the ones handed one-way tickets to anywhere else. Because they are the cancers that are sending the once dastardly awesome Raiders into wimpdom and mediocrity.

Even my little niece knows that intimidation has been as much a part of the Raider game plan as the bomb. And you don't toss out your game plan unless you've developed a better one. Recent history shows us this certainly isn't the case.

As a Raider fan, I don't want to get accustomed to reading about the greatness of the Raiders preceded by "Once upon a time . . . " And I can't imagine anyone wearing the silver and black wants to, either.

I'm going to miss the Judge. But, I hope I'm not going to miss his spirit.


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