The recent apparent breach of security at Los Angeles International Airport, pertaining to the PSA crash that claimed 43 lives, along with the dramatic increase in near-misses and passenger delays throughout the nation, again points out the urgent need for the government to step back into the picture by re-imposing regulation into the airline industry.

The airline industry has proved, as indicated by heavy fines imposed on various airlines by the FAA, that self-regulation is not only ineffective, but has become more and more dangerous with each passing day.

Under present conditions, the airlines, due to competition, are scheduling numerous flights with only 30% to 40% passenger occupancy. Under government regulation, a system could be imposed on the airlines that would require at least 70% to 80% passenger bookings for scheduled flights. The present system is burdened with an excessive number of flights, which also decreases the air controllers' ability to perform their function.

Safety has not been synonymous with deregulation and now we are discovering that airport security is also in question. The present system is failing and is in desperate need of correction immediately.


President, Ban Airport Noise

Van Nuys

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