‘Last Emperor’ Garners Five Golden Globe Nominations

Times Staff Writer

“The Last Emperor” was the most honored drama among Golden Globe nominees announced Tuesday by the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. with “Broadcast News” and “Moonstruck” heading the list of comedies/musicals.

Each of those three films received five nominations--including best picture nominations in their respective categories--while the box-office smash “Fatal Attraction” received four nominations.

In nominating film achievements for Golden Globes, the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. separates content in the best picture and best acting categories into dramas and comedies/musicals. The Golden Globes are primarily associated with movies, but Globes are also given for television. This year, “L.A. Law” led the list of TV nominees with six.

The Golden Globes will be presented to winners Jan. 23 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The program will be taped for syndication in markets around the world.


In addition to its nomination as best drama, “The Last Emperor” won Golden Globe nominations for director Bernardo Bertolucci, actor John Lone and the screenplay that was co-written by Bertolucci and Mark Peploe. It was also nominated for best score.

Other best drama nominees were “Cry Freedom,” “Fatal Attraction,” “Empire of the Sun,” “La Bamba” and “Nuts.”

James L. Brooks was a triple-nominee as writer/director/producer of “Broadcast News.” Co-stars William Hurt and Holly Hunter were also nominated in the best comedy/musical actor and actress categories.

John Boorman, whose “Hope and Glory” has been an award winner with the various American critics groups, got three nominations, including two for the writing and directing of John Boorman. Oddly, the movie itself--an autobiographical impression piece about the London Blitz--was nominated in the best comedy/musical category.

The 1988 Golden Globe nominees:

Motion Picture, Drama--"Cry Freedom,” “Empire of the Sun,” “Fatal Attraction,” “La Bamba,” “The Last Emperor” and “Nuts.”

Motion Picture, Musical-Comedy --"Baby Boom,” “Broadcast News,” “Dirty Dancing,” “Hope and Glory” and “Moonstruck.”

Actor, Drama--Michael Douglas, “Wall Street”; John Lone, “The Last Emperor”; Jack Nicholson, “Ironweed”; Nick Nolte, “Weeds,” and Denzel Washington, “Cry Freedom.”


Actress, Drama--Glenn Close, “Fatal Attraction”; Faye Dunaway, “Barfly”; Sally Kirkland, “Anna”; Rachel Levin, “Gaby: A True Story,” and Barbra Streisand, “Nuts.”

Actor, Comedy-musical--Nicolas Cage, “Moonstruck”; Danny DeVito, “Throw Momma From the Train”; William Hurt, “Broadcast News”; Steve Martin, “Roxanne”; Patrick Swayze, “Dirty Dancing,” and Robin Williams, “Good Morning Vietnam.”

Actress, Comedy-musical--Cher, “Moonstruck”; Jennifer Grey, “Dirty Dancing”; Holly Hunter, “Broadcast News”; Diane Keaton, “Baby Boom,” and Bette Midler, “Outrageous Fortune.”

Supporting Actor--Sean Connery, “The Untouchables”; Richard Dreyfuss, “Nuts”; Lee Ermey, “Full Metal Jacket”; Morgan Freeman, “Street Smart,” and Rob Lowe, “Square Dance.”


Supporting Actress--Norma Aleandro, “Gaby: A True Story”; Anne Archer, “Fatal Attraction”; Olympia Dukakis, “Moonstruck”; Anne Ramsey, “Throw Momma From the Train,” and Vanessa Redgrave, “Prick Up Your Ears.”

Director--Richard Attenborough, “Cry Freedom”; Bernardo Bertolucci, “The Last Emperor”; John Boorman, “Hope and Glory”; James L. Brooks, “Broadcast News,” and Adrian Lyne, “Fatal Attraction.”

Screenplay--John Boorman, “Hope and Glory”; David Mamet, “House of Games”; James L. Brooks, “Broadcast News”; Mark Peploe and Bernardo Bertolucci, “The Last Emperor,” and John Patrick Shanley, “Moonstruck.”

Foreign Film--"Au Revoir Les Enfants” (France-Germany); “Dark Eyes” (Italy-USSR); “Jean De Florette” (France); “My Life as a Dog” (Sweden), and “Repentance” (USSR).