Ex-Member of Baja Attorney General's Office Shot to Death

ormer member of the Baja California state attorney general's office in Tijuana, Miguel Angel Rodriguez Moreno, 35, has been shot to death by an unidentified youth.

The attorney, who was shot four times in the head, was killed instantly as he was about to start his gray 1985 Mercedes-Benz at 12:15 p.m. Sunday.

According to the State Judicial Police, witnesses saw a youth wearing sports clothing approach the car's window, fire the shots and flee.

The attorney's wife, who was also a witness, told police that everything happened so fast she did not get a good look at the assassin.

Rodriguez was a member of the attorney general's office in Tijuana for only a few months in 1985, then was linked to narcotics traffickers in a declaration obtained by Mexican military police.

Another state official was arrested first and, through his confession, authorities reportedly found that Rodriguez was apparently involved in protecting drug traffickers. The investigation into his alleged involvement was never officially acknowledged, but copies of declarations by detained ministry members implicating him were published in a Baja newspaper.

Shortly afterward, Rodriguez was relieved of his post, but never formally charged.

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