The Kansas and Ohio State football programs...

The Kansas and Ohio State football programs have drawn fire from different sources for allegedly ignoring black candidates for head coaching positions at the schools.

Harry Edwards, the head of professional baseball's minority hiring program, called for a boycott by black athletes of Kansas' athletic program. Edwards said that even though qualified black candidates applied for the job, the university "did not even reply" to those job interview requests.

Coach Bob Valesente was fired at the end of the season and replaced with Glen Mason, former Kent State coach.

"The major problem with the University of Kansas was that it did not respond to creditable and competent black candidates," Edwards said. "We are not demanding that Kansas hire a black coach, but we are asking that black candidates get equal treatment."

At Ohio State, a minority rights group called on black high school athletes to boycott the Buckeyes after Arizona State's John Cooper was hired to replace Earle Bruce as coach.

Charles Ross, a leader of the Coalition Against Racism in Colleges and Universities, said the group would send a letter to black high school athletes, suggesting they attend college somewhere other than Ohio State.

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