Tempers of Passengers Ignited Over No-Smoking Regulations on Airlines

This letter is in reference to the new no-smoking regulations now in effect on flights on airlines within California and the recent "mutiny" on a TWA flight. (Starting on April 22, a federal law will ban smoking on flights of two hours or less.)

I know there is going to be a major hassle with certain smokers, plus there is going to be a lot of attempts to bypass the regulation. The moment a person is told not to do something, his mind begins to conceive all the possible avenues of getting away with doing it.

My idea to thwart these childish lawbreakers is simple. Since these smokers will more than likely try to smoke in the lavatories, there should be a posted notice inside stating "Positively No Smoking." This will bait the smoker to light up. In addition, new equipment should be installed to accompany this sign: A sprinkler system, a common fire-prevention measure used in many businesses and industries. Of course, there will be no warnings as to the consequence of taking that fanatically desired puff. It will serve them right.

It's not our problem, it's theirs. Two hours is not a long time to wait for a cigarette. And when the comfort and health of other passengers is at stake, I pity the person who finds it necessary to pound a coffin nail more often than that.


Studio City

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