During NBC's New Year's Day telecast of...

During NBC's New Year's Day telecast of the Orange Bowl game, I was extremely disappointed by a comment from announcer Don Criqui. As the camera crew zoomed in on the huddling Miami defense, Criqui felt the need to joke about their handholding: "It's all right in the huddle, but one doesn't want them leaving the locker room that way." His colleague Bob Trumpy remained quiet during the uncomfortable silence that followed. Perhaps Trumpy was in the same state of disbelief as many viewers. Unnecessary and uneducated statements like that only help to perpetuate ugly stereotypes in our society. A simple showing of togetherness and strength was sadly exploited. My family and I continue to look forward to a New Year's Day that truly brings peace and good will toward all men.

Lisa L. Tatham, Costa Mesa

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