'Instant' Videos on Super Bowl Teams

If the event just happened, can the video be far behind?

In the case of football's Super Bowl, two videos--one on each team--will be on the event's heels the way defensive linemen chase the quarterback. Chicago-based NFL Films Video and its new L.A.-based distributor Fox Hills Video "are gearing up to meet the quickest (video) release time ever for major sports programming," according to Fox Hills publicist Jim Gullo.

Fox Hills' goal is to have season highlight tapes of the Washington Redskins and Denver Broncos--including scenes from their Super Bowl clash in San Diego on Jan. 31--in video stores by Feb. 15. Washington and Denver won the NFC and AFC championships on Sunday.

It's the most noteworthy video "instant release" since August, when home-video companies put out tapes of Lt. Col. Oliver L. North's testimony at the Iran-Contra hearings. Like the North tapes, the two 60-minute NFL Films productions will be priced to sell--at $19.95 each.

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