Local News in Brief : Autopsy Performed on Woman in Death Case

The Los Angeles County coroner's office performed an autopsy Wednesday on the exhumed remains of Nancy Barwick of Huntington Beach, whose children allege that she may have been killed by her second husband.

A coroner's spokesman said no results would be announced until toxicological tests are performed, which might take several weeks.

A Los Angeles judge last month ordered the exhumation at the request of Barwick's three children and her mother. They have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Kenneth Barwick, her second husband, alleging he may be responsible for the death.

Barwick, 38, has denied any role in the death. Nancy Barwick died Feb. 20, 1985, after a shipwreck off the Caribbean island of Aruba.

Her estate has an estimated value of $1.2 million.

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