'Warming Trend'

Your editorial "Warming Trend" (Jan. 4) clearly states the needs of our community colleges for a fundamental review of our California system of community colleges. Those of us who have wrested with this problem for many years deeply appreciate the continued support The Times has provided. Despite general recognition of our needs, your long-standing support, and the many studies that have been conducted, little has changed except for a slow worsening of the situation over the years.

You correctly state that AB 1725 is the vehicle for putting into effect these long-needed changes. However, you did not mention that the point at issue is--as always--the dollars needed to put these reforms into being. The reforms instituted in the kindergarten through 12-year schools in 1983 were accompanied by increased funds to finance these changes.

We in the community colleges will require additional funding in order to reinvigorate our programs and accomplish the goals everyone agrees are much needed. AB 1725 anticipates a price tag of $100 million in additional funding. The Legislature has indicated a willingness to provide the money and we are all waiting for Gov. George Deukmejian to decide whether or not to support this approach.

The governor has shown a willingness to appropriate additional funds when real reform is to be accomplished. We are hopeful that with the support of the business community your editorial speaks to, we will be able to convince the governor that this time the efforts are worth the funds.

Even with the passage of AB 1725, it will take several years to begin accomplishing these much needed reforms. We will work to urge Sacramento to pay heed to it.


President, Board of Trustees

Los Angeles Community Colleges

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