Jimmy 'the Greek' Tells Us There's Work to Do

CBS Sports erred in firing Jimmy 'the Greek' for his remarks to a local television reporter in Washington. The reporter sought out this elderly man while he was dining, thrust a microphone at him and asked for his, not CBS', opinion. What was said was silly, ill-advised, without any merit, illogical and stupid. It was not, however, blatantly racist.

The media, those purveyors of mind mush, must accept much of the blame for replaying the interview throughout the country, thus ensuring that remarks, now heard by millions rather than by a few thousand, would be blown out of proportion.

Snyder should have been judged on the totality of his career, not just for remarks made during an unsolicited interview. To fire him for expressing his opinions in accordance with his first amendment rights was mean-spirited and completely unfair.

I suspect that now we'll hear a lot more "no comment" responses to spontaneous questions. How sad.



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