Hall of Flames

I'm sure everyone is simply agape with surprise that Robert Hilburn's top picks for future induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame were Bruce Springsteen and U2 ("Who'll Rock Into the 21st Century Hall of Fame?," Jan. 17).

Whom does he think he's kidding? I've never considered Hilburn much of a critic, never mind a psychic, and it appears to me that he was using the format of the article to induct his personal favorites into the Hilburn Hall of Fame.

It's true that many of Duran Duran's fans initially became interested in the group because of their made-in-videoland looks, but it was their music and refreshingly non-political attitude that kept their real fans (both male and female) interested.

Whether Hilburn's predictions will prove to be accurate remains to be seen; however, if Calendar wanted a truly accurate picture of the Hall of Famers of the 21st Century, they should have asked the judges of tomorrow, specifically people my age (I'll be 36 when Duran Duran becomes eligible for induction in 2006).


Huntington Beach

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