McGovern Sees Chance of Entering 1988 Race

United Press International

George S. McGovern, who twice ran unsuccessfully for the presidency, said Saturday he may enter the Democratic race if no front-runner emerges after the Super Tuesday primaries.

The former South Dakota senator said he thinks one of the seven Democrats currently in the race will take the lead after the March 8 primaries, which involve 20 states, mostly in the South.

“By the time we get through Super Tuesday . . . somebody will have been identified as a clear front-runner,” McGovern, 65, said. "(But) if we’re struggling along and nobody can seem to break out of that pack, then I think I’d enter.”


But, he stressed: “I think surely by Super Tuesday we’re going to see somebody break out of that pack. . . . I don’t think there’s much chance that I would ever be a candidate again.”