Company Recalls Tainted Drink Mixes

United Press International

Sunrider International of Torrance is voluntarily recalling all its "Sunrider Pina Colada Nutrition Drink Mix" because of salmonella contamination, state Health Director Ken Kizer said Friday. No illnesses from the tainted product have been reported.

The drink mix is sold as an appetite depressant, Kizer said. It is packaged in 1-pound, 6-ounce containers and 1-pound, 6-ounce boxes containing 42 individual envelopes. The drink may also be sold as individual envelopes in "Sunenergy Convenience Paks" and "Sun Paks."

All distributors of the tainted drink mix have been notified to return the products to the manufacturer. The drink mix is normally sold by individual salesmen and is not found in major grocery stores, Kizer said.

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