Juan Beniquez, who along with Gibson and...

Juan Beniquez, who along with Gibson and five other players became a free agent Friday in a ruling by arbitrator Tom Roberts, went off the market Monday when he signed a 1-year, $400,000 contract with the Toronto Blue Jays. Beniquez, a 16-year veteran, had previously filed for salary arbitration with the Blue Jays, asking $450,000, compared to the club's $344,000. He earned $430,000 last year.

Meanwhile, Donald Fehr, executive director of the Major League Players Assn., said that the remaining six players who received free agency in Roberts' decision, including relief pitcher Donnie Moore and catcher Butch Wynegar of the Angels, will be required to report to spring training with their current clubs, though they are eligible to sign with any team until March 1.

A unique situation?

"That's what happens when you collude," Fehr said.

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