Academy Award-winner Julie Christie ("Darling") will make...

Academy Award-winner Julie Christie ("Darling") will make her TV movie debut as the star of "A Long Way From Home," scheduled to be shown on CBS next season. It's the story of a woman who tries to win the release of her son after he's imprisoned in Malaysia on drug-smuggling charges.

Kevin Bacon, who can be seen in the upcoming film "She's Having a Baby," has a starring role in the "American Playhouse" production airing on PBS Feb. 10. It's an adaptation of Lanford Wilson's play "Lemon Sky," about a young man's efforts to forge a relationship with the father who walked out on him years earlier. Tom Atkins plays the father and Lindsay Crouse is his second wife.

Davy Jones, one of the original Monkees, has a guest role in the Feb. 7 episode of NBC's "My Two Dads." He plays a rock singer.

CBS has set Feb. 14 as the broadcast date for "Hostage," a TV movie starring Carol Burnett and her daughter, Carrie Hamilton. The plot has Hamilton escaping from prison and kidnaping Burnett.

Lee Remick is starring in a movie for CBS called "Jesse," being filmed in Arizona. She plays a woman who works tirelessly on behalf of the small desert community where she lives, only to be arrested for practicing medicine without a license.

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