For three years, $5,000 sat around waiting for takers that never came. Then applications for the Horton Plaza Theatre Fund came in from Darla Cash, an organizer behind the Valentine's Day Artists for Life benefit for AIDS victims at the Sixth Avenue Playhouse and Lyceum Space, and from Diane Shea, director of "Transfusion," the world premiere by Janet Schechter Tiger, which showed at Lyceum Stage on Feb. 19. The money is earmarked to help defray a portion of rental costs for events at the Lyceum theaters. As a result, "Transfusion" received $1,050 and Artists for Life got $1,000.

"I guess no one knew this pile of money existed," said David Allsbrook, the staff person assigned to the fund. There wasn't any hesitation at approving either request, he noted. "I think it's wonderful. We feel very comfortable with both requests."

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