Katarina 2nd, Debi 3rd

Associated Press

Defending Olympic gold medalist Katarina Witt of East Germany, who usually struggles in the compulsory portion of women's figure skating, was second today after two of three figures.

Soviet Kira Ivanova, as expected, led after the compulsory figures, while Americans Debi Thomas and Caryn Kadavy were third and fourth. Compulsory figures are worth 20% in the overall scoring. Witt was second to Ivanova on the first figure today, the left inside counter. Witt also was runner-up, this time to Thomas, in the second figure, the right back paragraph bracket. Still, Witt was given generous marks for that figure. Thomas, who was fourth on the opening figure, switched places overall with Kadavy by winning the second figure in which Kadavy was sixth.

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