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Sheriff’s patrols and bomb investigators recovered more than 400 pounds of stolen explosives Thursday night in Alpine.

The explosives were found about 10:45 p.m. on Puetz Valley Road, 800 yards off Alpine Boulevard, authorities said.

According to sheriff’s homicide investigators, Brad McClellan of KCTV Channel 10 informed sheriff’s deputies of an anonymous caller who said he knew where the explosives were.


Bomb investigators recovered five 50-pound boxes of dynamite and three 50-pound boxes of a blasting agent, authorities said. The code date of the recovered explosives matched those stolen from an explosives company in Ramona sometime last month, sheriff’s deputies said.

A small amount of dynamite might still be missing from the original theft, said Sgt. Conrad Grayson of the sheriff’s bomb detail. Eight sticks had been recovered previously along with a dynamite bomb. So far, three state parolees have been arrested and booked into County Jail in connection with the stolen explosives.