A Different Look at the Mills Caper

Boy, those people at Emery Express have really made a mess of things. Why couldn't they just pocket the money and keep their mouths shut? Oh, no, they had to tell the whole world and the NCAA that Kentucky assistant coach Dwane Casey had mailed $1,000 to the father of Fairfax basketball star Chris Mills. Now the great Kentucky basketball program, which for years has had a pay scale on a par with the NBA, will probably end up in an outhouse next to the SMU football program.

Worst of all, what's going to happen to poor Chris Mills? If he wants to go to another school on a basketball scholarship, the NCAA will be like Sam Spade watching him and his next choice. He could end up at a college where he gets nothing but room, board, books and tuition. He might have to live in a dorm instead of a 2-bedroom condo with fireplace, wet bar and spa.

For spending money, he'll have to write home, instead of receiving a brown envelope containing $500 in his P.O. box the first of every month. If he wants to get around campus, he'll have to walk instead of drive his new Firebird.

Worst of all, Chris could end up in one of those colleges where they not only require him to enroll in real classes, but actually attend some of them and read books and write things down on pieces of paper.

I hope those Emery people, who are probably a bunch of Notre Dame fans, are real happy. They've set this kid's pro career back several years.



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