Local News in Brief : Huntington Beach : Chuck Norris' Son Stars in Karate-Less Capture

Mike Norris' actions at the scene of a crime were not what you would expect from the son of karate expert and movie star Chuck Norris, but it still won him praise.

Norris, 25, of Huntington Beach--who, like his father, is an actor and trained in the martial arts--was honored Thursday by the Huntington Beach Neighborhood Crime Watch program for helping police capture a purse snatcher, crime watch program spokeswoman Suzie Wajda said Friday.

Norris, who was named May's Crime Fighter of the Month, was in the parking lot of a supermarket near the corner of Edinger Avenue and Springdale Street on March 23 when he witnessed a purse snatching, Wajda said. Norris jumped into his car and followed the man. He got the getaway car's license plate number and turned it over to police, who arrested the man soon afterward.

"I get a lot of calls from people asking if he threw a karate chop or something, but he didn't," Wajda said. "He did what he was supposed to. He got the information to us and let us do what we do."

Every month, the Huntington Beach Neighborhood Crime Watch honors a resident who helped police capture a criminal or deter a crime.

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