'Richard III, the Newest Nixon'

This is to commend you for the printing of Paul Greenberg's "Richard III, the Newest Nixon" (Editorial Page, July 2). Many plagues, reminiscent of biblical times, have visited our political landscape in recent times. How do we account for these afflictions, one after the other? Looking for answers can be complex and mind-boggling, and would go beyond any one letter. However it does strike me that a perusal of Richard M. Nixon's entire career and its influence on our lives, sheds some light on this question.

For 40 years plus now, he and his misguided ilk have dominated American thinking in the wrong direction. Totally committed to military solutions, killing real social programs that could benefit all citizens, allowing outrageous corruption and criminal activities to grow within our governmental bodies such as the Pentagon, munitions industries, the CIA, etc., we have been on a national voyage of misdirection and heading for disorders undreamed of unless newer and constructive ideas are forthcoming. How much longer can we Americans listen and be guided by such false voices? Where are our good senses?

The sooner the "Tricky Dicks" of our country are exposed for their grievous talents and no longer listened to, the healthier will be our decision-making. Thanks to thinking people like Greenberg this may be accomplished and our country's guidance be put into a proper positive and humane course.


Santa Barbara

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