Called 'Heroes' : Lifeguard at Pool Rescued by 2 Girls

Two 11-year-old Westlake Village girls were called heroes by Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies Monday night for rescuing a 16-year-old lifeguard who passed out while demonstrating underwater swimming to them at a pool.

Sheriff's Lt. Michael Moore said the girls, Berci Limor and Letti Nunez, dragged the submerged victim, Robert Munger, above the water line at the Westlake Village Community Center pool about 7 p.m. after he failed to come up for air after swimming laps underwater.

"He worked at the pool and was showing them how long he could go under water," Moore said. "Apparently he took one stroke too many."

The girls held Munger's head above water near the edge of the pool and screamed for help, attracting a group of boys from a nearby playground who helped pull the lifeguard from the water. Munger revived on his own, and was taken to Westlake Community Hospital for observation.

"These girls are real heroes," Moore said.

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