I am really disappointed with "Hill Street...

I am really disappointed with "Hill Street Blues." When "Hill Street" was on NBC, I was not old enough to understand what it was all about. After hearing all those rave reviews, I was sure Channel 13 had a show worth seeing. But as I watch it, I can't seem to stay awake. My brother thinks it deals with some controversial topics. However, I think differently. During the roll call, I would be lucky to catch one or two words that the sergeant is saying. Halfway through the thing, I don't even know what the plot is about. Moreover, there are 13 people in the credits. That place is too crowded. "Hill Street Blues" is a flop, second only to "Star Trek: The Next Generation," which is so bad the bridge should be renamed the "lounge." It has none of the class of the original series with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy.

Ashok S. Ramji, Encino

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