Tyson Trainer Does Not Buy This Theory

Mike Tyson's trainer, Kevin Rooney, says he does not believe Tyson has ever been a manic-depressive, as reported recently by the New York Post.

"I know Mike the longest of all these people, out of his wife, his new advisers, Donald Trump, everybody," Rooney told the Washington Post. "I've been with him for eight years. There's nothing wrong with Mike Tyson. And if he's being conned into believing that, I'm telling him now, he'd better wise up.

"Mike should not be taking lithium. No way. Nohow. That's a drug. And he don't need that. He'll become addicted to lithium and then he becomes useless for himself and his family."

How was the Rams' 45-31 win over the New York Giants received in New York? George Willis of Newsday wrote: "Parents, please send your children out of the room before reading this game story, the contents of which may be too gruesome for the young or faint of heart.

"It deals with the destruction of the once-proud New York Giants, who were not just beaten by the Los Angeles Rams Sunday at Giants Stadium. They were destroyed, ravaged and any other verb synonymous with being totally dominated."

America's Team? These days, they'd probably settle for being Dallas' team.

Dallas Cowboys fans are staying away in droves. Only 42,954 tickets were sold and only 39,702 were used Sunday, when the Cowboys beat Atlanta. It was the second-lowest Cowboy attendance in the history of Texas Stadium (capacity 63,855). The lowest, 36,788, was at the last game last season.

Trivia Time: The Detroit Tigers' Darrell Evans hit his 20th home run Friday night, which gave him 10 seasons with 20 or more home runs.

Name the 4 active players with 20 or more home runs in each of the last 7 years, including this season. (Answer below.)

The Washington Post's Tony Kornheiser, writing about diminutive Olympic swimmer Janet Evans after she had won the 400-meter freestyle: "She's so small, it's as if the wake from the other lanes should wash her onto the deck."

Trivia Answer: Baltimore's Cal Ripken, Detroit's Fred Lynn, St. Louis' Tom Brunansky and Atlanta's Dale Murphy.


American track star Butch Reynolds, on the growing trend of wearing hoods to cut wind resistence while running: "They're trying to talk me into wearing one. But those guys are from California. I'm from Ohio."

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