Wills Knocks Out White in 10th Round


Mark Wills used a powerful left hook to knock out Mike White in the 10th round of their heavyweight bout Thursday night at the Irvine Marriott Hotel.

White, who is 7 feet and 275 pounds, said he was slowed by punches below the belt throughout the fight before 1,223 spectators.

But Wills was charged with low punches only twice and lost just 2 points. White (22-8) also lost a point for holding in the ninth.


“Those (punches) were right on the border of his belt,” Wills said. “It was hard to reach him at times; he is a very big man. Finally, in the 10th I caught him with a left hand that I needed to hit him with.”

Wills (13-6) was ahead on all 3 cards going into the 10th round.

It was the second consecutive time White had been knocked out. Levi Billups dropped White in the fifth round to take White’s state heavyweight title on June 30.

“I’m not going to give up,” White said. “I think the other fight (with Billups) was worse than this one. I don’t know if I’m getting a fair shake. I’m not going to fight here (in Irvine) anymore. It’s not doing my career or my record any good.”